I took Poppy to the vets today to get her stitches out.  She was her usual anxious self during the journey in the car.  When we arrived to the vets she was even worse – I really do think that she knows the route to the vets lol.

Anyway we were seen very quickly by Vet Jenny and she managed to remove all the stitches on her back, on her bum, and on her ankle. But when it came to the stitches on her head she was a wee skit, wriggling about and not letting me hold her head.  So the vet ended up giving her a light sedative to relax her.

Fifteen mins later Jenny brought her out to me in the reception and boy what a different dog.  She was spaced out and so quiet.  Even the journey home in the car she was quiet (for a change) and not panting like normal.

Her wee mate Chloe (our pup yorkie) was so over the moon to see her back at the house but all poor wee Poppy could do was flop down into her dog bed.  She slept for about an hour before she even started to come round…guess the sedative wasn’t as mild as I’d thought.

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