reported today that a potentially habitable alien plant (one that scientists say is the best candidate yet to harbour water, and possibly even life, on its surface) has been found around a nearby star.

The planet has been named GJ 667Cc (why!!?!!) and its at least 4.5 times the size of earth which technically makes it a super-earth.  It also in the constellation Scorpius (the Scorpion) which funnily is my star sign.

Apparently the statistics tell science that they shouldn’t have found something this quickly this soon (unless there are lots of them out there) so it’s an amazing discovery.

But all I was thinking when I was reading this was – “do they have sheep?”, “Are there going to be new yarns?”, “If the planet is almost 5 times the size of earth does that mean there are 5 times as many LYSs?” and I wonder how do Aliens knit 😉

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