Holywood Glamour Hen Party…

I had a great day yesterday at the hen party.  It kicked off at 2pm with afternoon tea and festivities in the bride’s house.  I arrived to find her mummified in toilet paper – oops I should refer to it as her wedding dress.

There was lots of food, a nail bar and then we watched the ‘Mr & Mrs Show’ with the bride trying to guess what the groom would think to several questions.  The highlight was ‘what is your favourite dessert’ to which the bride said his favourite one has to be banofee but his response was chocolate cheese cake or banofee. The came the bride’s famous frown lol.  And it was later suggested that at the the rehearsal there should be ‘team banofee’ and ‘team cheesecake’ t-shirts to distinguish the bridal parties lol.

Afternoon tea was followed by dinner at 7pm (or should I say 7:45pm as I was running late).  We had a lovely meal in Sperzana’s in Belfast and then on to Madisons for some partying.  A good night was had by all.

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