Featured Pattern: Ruffaluffagus

Ruffaluffagus‘ is one of my recent finished projects.  It is a ruffled tunic for babies at 3 months right through to children aged 4.  I loved this pattern when I first set eyes on it.  I think it is quirky and a little bit different.  The designer Cassandra Dominick made her sample in one solid colour using Luna Grey Fiber Arts Astro, which is a 4-ply/fingering yarn with 75% wool and 25% nylon for a little stretch.

As my dear knitting friends know I always like to mix it up a bit and so I decided to make this with a combination of three colours for a colour-block/striped effect, which is very on trend this season.  I used Garnstudio DROPS Baby Merino in shades in Orange (36) and Light Grey (22), along with some Patons Diploma Gold 4-ply from my stash in Cream.

I decided to the first block at the bottom of the tunic would be orange leading into grey and cream striped and the top part (chest and shoulders) would be grey.


I did consider adding the ruffles in different colours but I think in the end that using the solid grey has worked out better.


This pattern was very straight forward to follow and although there is a lot of stocking stitch (stockinette) throughout the use of the different colours kept me motivated to finish it.  I’d definitely make another one…

You can find this pattern on Ravelry here and my own project here

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