Okay so when I woke up this morning it suddenly dawned on me that this was in Friday 13th. I’m quite a superstitious person at times so was a little apprehensive about getting out of bed after the week I have had.

On Wednesday (11th) someone igit banged into my car while I was a local roundabout.  Of course I was a little shook up as you don’t expect the driver the outside lane to suddenly want to turn left and drive through you; but what got my goat up really badly was the fact that he hit me and then drove off!!! I don’t mean to be sexist here but bloody typical man!!  However, that wasn’t the last of the story…

A very kind lady pulled in and put her window enquiring was I ok.  She commented that he had drove back up toward to the way we had both came down.  Right that was it – I saw red and took off after him. Heart in my mouth and still a little shaken I wasn’t sure what I was doing but my mission was to go after him and challenge him (I’m a very quiet kinda girl normally who doesn’t like conflict so this is totally out of character).  Anyway to my amazement I caught up with him at another roundabout up the hill.  He had pulled in to check his car for damage. 

Okay so at this point I he had saw me pulling behind him and I was thinking “Oh wick what am I going to say now”.  He came straight over to my car window apologizing profoundly for driving off – he realised I wasn’t going anywhere.

Anyway long story short we attended the local police station got it all documented – he admitted it was his fault and then it was off to work.

Yesterday was a busy day of running about the county (well Bangor and Newtownards) getting wallpaper, bedding and of course I had to visit the LYS for some sublime DK silk merino.  We had three hours to kill while the dogs were at the groomers have cut and blow-dries (they have great social lives lol).

So today I was anxious but it has been grand. So here’s some Friday 13th facts to keep you all busy reading while we all wait for this day to pass…

  • In acient Rome, Friday was execution day, while in Britian Friday was customarily hanging day. 
  • It is supposedly that ‘witches’ favour Fridays for coven gatherings – known as the witches sabbath
  • The number thirteen is supposed to be associated with the number of witches in a coven.
  • The thirteenth card in a tarot deck is the death card.
  • The ancient Egyptians revered thirteen was the number of the last step a soul took on its journey to eternity, twelve steps taken in life and the final one at death into the eternal glory of the afterlife.
  • Perhaps of interest, is that the Chinese consider thirteen to be a lucky number.

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