Okay so you have all been very patient with me while I make changes to my website.  I have some exciting things comes up and there is still a few housekeeping things to be done but I’m getting there slowly but surely.

You will see that I have changed the name of my blog and got a new URL address. But I bet you are wondering why ‘Mina Loves’.

Well my paternal grandfather always wanted a little girl.  My grandparents had boy after boy until their last child ‘Ann’ was born.  Sadly she was born with Downs Syndrome and didn’t live very long (i think she was about 2-3 years old when she died) and he was heart broken.  My grandfather died 16 days before I was born and I was the first granddaughter.  My mum said he would have loved me to bits.  It is such a shame we never met.

My grandfather was called ‘William’ and my granny wanted me to be called after him – the female version ‘Whilomena’.  Anyway long story short it didn’t happen but I thought I would call my website Mina in his honour as a token of remembrance, even if we didn’t ever get to meet.

So please continue to bare with me while I rework things here.  I promise it’s almost done 🙂

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