Saturday week ago I had the pleasure of attending a yarn dyeing class with Terri from A Fine Fish Yarns. I’ve always wanted to try dyeing yarn but never had the confidence or courage to jump in. Well this was my chance…

There was five of us in the class and the atmosphere was very friendly. I actually knew some of the ladies – in particular Belinda whom has chatted many times with me on ravelry in the Belfast SnB Knit Group and Ann who I met a few weeks earlier at a yarn dyeing demonstration.

imageI chose two skeins to dye – one Organic DK Merino and the other was 4-ply fingering weight Merino.

Terri explained the process while our skeins were soaking and then we got set up to do the hand-painting and we were free to dye with whatever colours we liked. I decided to make the fingering weight skein in shades of blue, silver and pinks. The DK skein was dyed second with several tones of blues and a little purple.

When the skeins were ready we cooked the dye in the microwave and then they were aired outside to cool before washing to remove any excess dye. Then it was air drying for several hours at home before they were ready for knitting.

I have already started making a hat design with the blue skein. Watch this space for an update on my progress and for a link to get the pattern.

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