If your a member of ravelry you will most likely have heard about the new giftalong that Ysolda is doing between now and Christmas.  Ysolda has released the first two of eight patterns that form the ‘Knitworthy‘ pattern collection.

The first pattern ‘Bronntanas‘ is a slouchy beanie featuring a very simple honeycomb cable pattern with a garter stich background.  It is worked in the round from the bottom-up and can be knit in four sizes – child size and adult size in small, medium or large.

Some of my favourites on ravelry so far are…


Saz’s Bronntanas

Sarah used one of my favourite yarns for her Bronntanas – Malabrigo Merino Worsted in Frank Ochre









AnnaKika’s Beehive

Anna used a ‘new-to-me’ yarn called Klippan Tuna (I love this name) in Golden Carrot.








imageMonkeybee’s Bronntanas

Carys used JC Rennie Supersoft Lambswool 4-ply in Cream





imageKatieK1p1 Bronntanas

Katie’s version has been heavily modified as the size was coming out too big.








All third party images used with permission – thank you!

For my Bronntanas I have decided to stash dive and I’m going to use a lovely shade of lime in RICO Essentials Merino DK.  I think this shade is discontinued for those of you reading this that might take a shine to the colourway.  But there are plenty of lime-yellow yarns available this season as it does seem to be a very on-trend colour.










I’m casting-on this evening and will post more progress photos here shortly.  Why don’t you join me…

And when you’ve finished knitting your hat you should really block it so that it is shown off to its full glory.  Ysolda has blogged about blocking your finished hat in one of her ‘Technique Thursday‘ posts here


  1. I’ve bought the book, but I don’t think I’m not doing the knit-along bit. I love the colour you’ve chosen. Brontonas means present in Irish. I wonder did Ysolda know this or is it the same word in Scots Gaelic?

    1. I think she definitely did intend on the meaning as the second pattern is called ‘hediye’ which is Swahili for gift 🙂

      Have you seen the hediye shawl. I really like with the different coloured border. I have some orielle in two different shades of pink in my stash…um thinking…

  2. […] of hats and colourwork!  You’ll remember last time round I blogged about my Bronntanas hat here and there was also a tutorial on how to do the felt join here.  You can see below that last years […]

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