A few weeks ago there was some chatter on twitter about how you join your yarn. There are a few different techniques out there but my personal preference is to felt the join so that it becomes hidden…and the bonus is that there is no sewing in ends.

Okay so you’ve gotten to the part of your project where you need to join the new skein/ball of yarn.imageFirst thing to point out is that this method only works for natural wool fibres that will felt. So if you are working with acrylic yarns…forget it…your gonna have some sewing at the end of your project…sorry!

Take your yarn and unwind so that you can see all the individual strands. I’m using RICO Design DK Merino here and it has four strands. Do this for both ends of the yarn you are joining.


Next you will need to reduce the strands in each side before joining. So in this case I will cut two strands a little shorter on each end.


Then the fun part. Wet both ends and place in the palm of one hand…remember to have each end pointing opposite to each other. Then you place your other hand on top and rub your hands together. The rubbing will form the friction which along with the moisture will felt the ends together.


Then hay presto you have a seamless join. Now you ready to start knitting again! And as you can see my Bronntanas Hat is making steady progress.



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