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This week it was Autumn equinox (when daytime and night time are equal) and although in the evening you can now see the darker nights drawing in, it’s still pretty warm during the daytime. We have had temperatures up in the 18s this week alone.

Well with all this unusual warm weather you can still see a lot of wildlife that you normally don’t get this time of year. Our garden has been swapped with butterflies even though the butterfly population is in decline (apparently). Maybe it’s all down the the plants we have in our garden like Buddleia, Lavender and Verbena.





Did you know that in a lot of cultures the butterfly is associated with the soul?

In China a butterfly or “hu-teih” symbolises a long life (“teih” means 70 years), in japan they represent blissful married life which is perhaps why a lot of families use the butterfly in their family crests, and in Irish culture they are said to be the souls of people waiting to pass through pergatory.

In the holistic field butterflies are considered for change, transformation and new beginnings. But whatever your culture or beliefs I think most people would agree that they’re pretty!

I love butterflies…do you?

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