WARNING: This post may upset some readers.  It contains information about how you can count your stash yardage.  Although those of you who are completely clueless about this topic may be thinking what the hell is she talking about.  But be warned this information might make you obsessed with counting your yardage!

So I have a friend who is obsessed with counting her stash yardage (you know who you are!). When we met at knit group all those years ago she kept asking me “What’s your mileage?” – I had no idea what she was talking about.  I was totally blind to this concept and it would never have even dawned on me until she explained.

Anyway these days she has changed me into a “cold sheeping yardage counting nut” who is becoming a little obsessed (although never as obsessed as her) about checking stash yardage.

I have always been a knitter.  Mum taught me garter stitch when I was about 4 or 5.  Since then I’ve dipped in and out of knitting but I’ve only really become obsessed with this craft since when I was very ill back in 2008.  It’s now my daily obsession much to the dismay of my family.  They just don’t get my love for knitting (although I did get my first ever knitting present last Christmas – and I’m still in shock – my dear sister bought me a knitting book “French Girl Knits Accessories” – thanks sis!).

Anyway since 2008 I have become what I would term as ‘a collector of yarns’. But this means my stash has exploded into extreme levels and i really need to stash down.

In preparation for this I have been putting my stash on ravelry (please don’t look it will frighten you) and tagging yarn to projects in my queue so that I focus on what I have rather than buying. And I do have a lot of nice yarns…


Over the last five years my ravelry stash has exploded beyond epic proportions and I really need to stash down to a more manageable amount. In advance of a plan to do this I have been reviewing what I’ve got and it’s been a real eye opener. There is some good shit in there and here are some of the statistics…

Yarn Weight

39% (125) of my stash is fingering/sock weight yarn. To be honest I could have guessed this as I do buy a lot of ‘shawl weight’ yarn. But I was surprised it was so skewed to this yarn weight. DK was a close second at 23% (76) followed by Lace weight at 18% (59).

Colour Family

I love colour and over the years my buying habits have changed when it comes to yarn colour. I have always been a lover of reds and pinks but after looking at the stash stats it’s interesting that my most popular colour was blue at 19% (55) followed by pink at 16% (46) and then red at 10% (29).


When my yardage obsessed friend helped me calculate my stash yards back in 2008 it was around 40 miles, but today at the last count my yardage is 162,828 OR 92.5 miles.  So basically I could stretch my yarn from my house in Carrickfergus to Ballymoney and back again :-O.  I know its bloody shocking and if I dont get it under control now I’m going to end up a yarn hoarder which is even worse!

Stashdown Plan

So am I going to get my stashdown?  Well for a start going forward I will not buy yarn unless I really need it.  I did ‘cold sheeping’ for 5.5 months last year and it went okay until I came off it and then I went mad buying all the pretty yarns I had mentally noted during that time.  All it lead to was a mass purchase blast when I came off it so this year I am not cold sheeping.  I am going to be realistic.  If I really (and I mean really!) need it then I will buy it but I will not do the impulse purchases anymore.  But before I choose to buy it I will have to check my stash to see if I can dig out something suitable.  That might restrict me with colour choices but it will help me use up my stash.

The Rules

So just to refresh the rules for the rest of this year will be…

  1. Check stash for yarn needed first.
  2. If I don’t (and I mean really don’t) have the right yarn for a project I will buy it. But don’t buy yarn unless I really need it!
  3. Keep my ravelry stash log up-to-date and post weekly (Stash Sunday) about my progress
  4. Join more MKALs and knit-alongs to help me stash down (as I seem to finish things better when I have deadlines)
  5. Finally Remember to enjoy using all the pretty yarn I already have in my stash

So what about you…are you joining me to stash down?


  1. Nikki says:

    I’m completely innocent!!!! I’m at 32ish miles myself at the minute, and 60,000 odd yards. Im getting there!

    1. Lmao!! I’m catching up with ya 😉

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