Okay so I have a confession to make.  I have become seriously addicted to crochet and I never thought I’d say that either!

I’ve been a knitter for many many years.  But I have always had a desire to learn to crochet. However, I have never been able to pick up this skill…until now that is.

Like some knitters I was very anti-crochet for a long time – but secretly this is really because we just can’t get the hang of it (our brains don’t compute the one hook versus ther two needles), and we don’t want to admit that out loud.

I attended a class once with a very experienced crocheter who I must admit I did not take to at all. Her teaching technique included wacking me on the head. Seriously!! …and I’m not talking 1900 times either this was only in 2014. It was done once and I was not impressed at all. You don’t expect to pay to get whacked on the head during a class. Even if it was meant as a joke it was highly inappropriate.  So I’m sure you won’t be surprised to know that I didn’t go back.

But even after this bad experience I still had a desire to learn. So I started to look online (thank goodness for the Internet!!) and watch YouTube videos and practice my heart out.

The biggest challenge I found was the terminology – British terms versus American terms. But with lots of practice…and I do mean lots and lots of practice, I slowly started to grasp the basic stitches.

I started granny stripes. Then I moved to granny squares. Then I decided to jump into making a blanket. Yes a blanket, though just a very simple granny stripe blanket.


An oportunity to stashdown was too good to miss so I dug out all the leftover DK yarns and started, randomly picking colours. Round and round I went, each granny square stripe made the blanket grow and grow. To the point where I was using almost a full 50g ball of yarn a stripe.

So on my fourth blanket now and I’ve decided to jump the next step on my crochet adventure and make some small granny squares in different colours and add these around the edge of this one.


Okay so this doesn’t sound like such a great leap, but to a beginner crocheter this is huge. Mega in fact!! Making a small granny square X 42 was grand but figuring out how to attach them to the main blanket was not. Thank goodness for the Internet. I used YouTube videos to help me get the hang of it – I’m a visual learner so this is perfect for my learning style.


Initially I decided to add a pale pink border around all the stripes joining them as I went, with the plan to add them once I had a long stripe side joined. But after a few were joined I decided didn’t like the pink colour against the main blanket. So I ripped. And actually that’s not that bad. Very quick to rip and crochet is very quick to make again once you know how…much faster than knitting!


So I decided to add each square on individually as I went. But the next issue I had was millions of ends – what I didn’t know now at the time was you could hide them as you go – that’s for the next blanket!!

So for now I have made a blanket about a metre square. Crochet rocks! I’m planning to keep going, in fact I’m considering another mini square border. What do you think? Do you crochet? Have you any tips to share? What you working on?


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  1. Victoria / minimomes1 on Ravelry says:

    Welcome to the dark side! I love your colour choices. I’ll let you in to a secret too – my brain can’t compute 2 needles versus 1 hook (and only 1 live stitch at a time). The excuse I give myself is that there are so many more crochet techniques I want to learn and practice that I don’t have the time to learn to knit.

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