Did you know that more than half a million people are taking part in the ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ this weekend?

The RSBP website has all the details of how to take part, just click on the link at the bottom if the post.

This annual event in the UK run by the RSPB tracks what bird species are seen in your garden over the weekend.

Statistics show that Starlings and Song Thrushes in particular have declined by around 70% or 80% since the event started in 1979.

December 2015 was both the warmest and wettest month in the UK for more than 100 years. This means you are unlikely to see many birds in your garden as they become less reliant on bird feeders, because milder weather means more food available out in the countryside.

We have feeders in our garden, and I must say we see many many birds using them including finches, robins, blue tits, starlings, black birds, doves, wood pigeons and plenty a magpie and crow. We even have a sneaky squirrel who is pretty fond of the nuts and suet balls!!

Our sneaky squirrel caught on camera!

You can still get involved. Just visit the RSPB website and register here

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