Today on the blog I’m excited to welcome Jenny from Townhouse Yarns!

You may have seen my recently published Fljót shawl. For this design I used the Townhouse Yarns Fade St 4-ply

Can you tell everyone a little background about Townhouse Yarns and how you got started…

Townhouse Yarns started out as an idea about 2-3 years ago now. While stocking shelves in This is Knit (Jenny is one of the TIK Team), I was drooling over the hand-dyed yarns and I was so intrigued by how the dyers managed to achieve these gorgeous shades. I already had an interest in dyeing from my earlier career as a hairdresser. I approached my sister Lisa about the idea, who then found a ‘dye your own sock‘ kit from old shop stock. I went home started to play around with it, and I was immediately hooked! Everything just rolled from there and thankfully its still rolling.

Townhouse Yarns, This Is Knit, Dublin

You mentioned that you were previously a hairdresser and those knowledge & skills must fit perfectly with the hand-dyeing business. How would you describe your yarns and your own style of hand-dyeing?

I think if you look at the yarns I’ve produced to date, you will see that things have been constantly changing. I’m not limiting myself to any one method of dyeing style as I think in this profession you need to be constantly moving with trends and innovating outside the box. Although one thing for sure is that I do like vibrant colours!

What is your favourite part of the dyeing process?

I’m a dyer who watches over her pots. I go out into my little studio at the bottom of the garden, shut the door, pop on a bit of music and I could be out there until all hours. I enjoy the whole process!

Townhouse Yarns Fade St 4-ply

Where do you get your colour inspiration from?

It can come from anywhere. I bought a new coat and was wearing it for 2 weeks before walking by it on the end of the stairs one day and getting so inspired by the colours and the pattern! But I feel most inspired when somebody asks for a custom dye, I love the challenge. It kicks everything up a notch.

This might be a tough question, but what is your favourite colour/base to dye with?

Oh that is a tough one! At this moment in time it’s the Fade St base. Its a merino and silk blend in a single ply. The shine, the way it takes colour and the drape in the knitted fabric is just divine. I feel like I’ve just confessed to having a favourite child!! lol

What’s the most fun part of your job?

I feel very lucky to see the customers reactions to the yarn, working in a shop where it is sold. Seeing their eyes light up and excitedly planning their projects. Some before they know that I dyed it, its super fun! I generally don’t tell people that I’ve dyed

Townhouse Yarns Camden Tweed

it myself, my co-workers Jacqui and Maureen love to though!

Do you do any crafts yourself?

I wish I had more time for crafts. Between the day job and dyeing Townhouse Yarns I’m lucky if I have time to knit. I would love to give spinning a go.

What does the future hold for Townhouse Yarns?

A lot of planning at the minute! I’m hoping to attend some shows as a vendor which is something I haven’t dipped my toe into just yet. A dedicated Townhouse Yarns website is also in the pipeline too which is exciting!

You can find out more about Jenny’s yarns on the This is Knit website here or follow her dyeing magic on instagram here.


  1. Fantastic interview! Congratulations to Jenny, it’s lovely to see her achieve so much and find her passion. More interviews please Minaknits!

    1. Thanks Nadia! Yes lots more interviews planned 🙂

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