I posted some images of how I store some of my yarn on my instagram recently and there was some discussion as to where to buy the storage boxes. The ones I have are BESTA BOXES from Ikea and available in two sizes, large or a smaller version that comes in three different colours.  I like them because even tho they are made from a felt fabric they are sturdy, and they fit my billy bookcase perfect! It got me thinking about how people store their stash…


So how does Mina store her yarn?

For me I have most of my stash tucked away under lock and key – ok so I’m only joking about the lock and key thing but it certainly is tucked away. I got these SKUBB storage containers in Ikea (…did I say how much I loved ikea!! lol) that fit nicely into my PAX wardrobe.

They are very easy to slide in and out and there is a little wiggle room with how much you can store in them as they are made from polyester…so you can squeeze in an extra skein or two 🙂

I also have some stash tucked away in plastic bags in drawers. I use the ISTAD bags from Ikea of course. They are very good value for money and totally reusable so you don’t feel so bad cause they are plastic.

Before I close them I press down on the yarn and try to get as much air out as possible. These means you are making the package thinner and therefore you can store more of them – or less of them in smaller spaces lol!

So how do knitters store their stash?

Do you use pinterest? Its a great place to find inspiration and ideas. After a brief search for ‘yarn storage‘ I soon had created a dedicated pinboard called ‘organising your craft stash‘ – with dozens of ideas for displaying or perhaps ways for hiding your craft stash!!

In part #2 I will go through the 8 most obvious ways to store your craft stash from the list I have created below:

1. Shelves and Wall Units

2. Baskets and Glass Jars

3. Hanging Storage

4. Bespoke Units

5. Moveable Storage

6. Up-cycled Storage

7. Hidden Storage

8. Display Storage

In the meantime feel free to follow my dedicated pinterest board as I discover new ways to store (or perhaps hide) your craft stash!

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