Some of you may have already noticed that a while back I did an overhaul on my pinterest boards. I reorganised and renamed everything! I love pinterest. Its an awesome place for inspiration, to take five and gather your thoughts, or like me just to waste like 10 hours sucked into the pinning machine that it is lol.

I have a particular fondness for green – it reminds me of the green Irish landscapes that captivate the world. Its reminds me of picking docking leaves as a child to help get rid of the nettle stings, while out walking in fields near our house. It reminds me of all the times my dad grew peas for us in our greenhouse – popping those little suckers out of the shells and eating them fresh off the plant.

Green is often associated with envy – the green eyed monster. But for me as an holistic practitioner, the colour green has more significance with the heart chakra. You see a lot of you might not know this but we are all energy, with some minerals and water. That’s what makes up the human body. Our energy field (known as the Aura) is filled with different colours and each colour plays a part in our balance – known in the holistic world as homoeostasis. This means we need balance with our energy and believe it or not wearing different colours impacts on your mood.

Have you ever noticed that most of the major football clubs have red in their logo. That’s because red is a power colour, research has proven that red makes you feel more powerful psychologically and therefore you are more likely to succeed. So take note of this next time you are going for that new job – wear a red scarf!!

While red energises us and empowers us to be successful, green has a calming affect in balancing our emotions and central nervous system. Green soothes a broken heart. Green is a friendly colour. Green is protecting – think of the stone jade. In China people carry Jade to protect them while they travel. It is seen as a lucky stone. So next time you feel overwhelmed wear some green and see how you feel… I bet you feel much calmer!

I also have green eyes. Did you know that its been estimated that only 2% of the people on the planet have green eyes. That makes them very rare indeed! If you have green eyes too then consider yourself lucky!

There are some awesome green yarns out there that you can use to make something green to wear…

  1. img_0497Camden Tweed by Townhouse Yarns in shade ‘Burren’ here
  2. Silken Lace by Dublin Dye in shade ‘Sea Foam’ here
  3. Titus DK by Eden Cottage Yarns in shade ‘Larch’ here
  4. St. Kilda Laceweight by Blacker Yarns in shade ‘Oiseval’ here
  5. The Chevoit Cavalary Aran by Countess Ablaze in shade ‘NV’ here
  6. Semi Solid Merino Singles by Ellie & Ada in shade ‘Evergreen’ here
  7. Laceweight by Dye Candy in shade ‘Electric Olive’ here
  8. Superwash Merino/Bamboo DK by the Fibre Kitchen in shade ‘Steamed Broccoli’ here
  9. Sock 4-ply by LITLG in shade ‘Racer’ here
  10. Alpaca/Silk/Cashmere by Coolree in shade ‘Eye Balm Green’ here

Now you might also have seen this week that I published another two designs for preorder. They will come for sale on ravelry on 1st June but in the meantime you can grab them together in one awesome knitting kit with a special skein of Green Elephant Yarn sock base in shade ‘Envy’.

The ‘Irish Love’ Collection is a hat and fingerless mitts set that have a celtic heart entwined motif. These patterns are perfect for Valentine’s Day as a gift or perhaps a treat (because everyone deserves a treat!). If you buy the kit you will receive both patterns along with one skein of the Green Elephant Sock Yarn in ‘Envy’.

img_0496Both projects can be made using the one skein! The images capture the beauty of the true Irish Green, reminding you why the world loves the Emerald Isle!

The kits are available during the month of February and you can sign up for one here

If you like discounts, go sign up to Nadia’s Cottage Notebook ezine book and you can get a discount on the kit (and also a discount to use with any pattern in my ravelry store). You can sign up here

Having said all this about green. The one thing that comes to mind when I think of green is the wicked witch of the west from the wizard of oz. I love that film! I’ve lost count how many times I have watched it! The green witch might be evil but she is pretty awesome as a witch 😀 …when things get tough you just got to put on the pointed hat and remind them who they are dealing with!

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