I thought it would be useful for non knitters who read my blog to touch on knitting slang – aka abbreviations and terms we use that might mean something completely different in real life!

  1. Frogging: Otherwise known as ripping (rip-it – see get the frog connection!) back when a project has gone wrong or you just aren’t enjoying the making any more.
  2. WIP: Pronounced Whip. And no its not some kinky knitty term. Its is an abbreviation for Work In Progress. Otherwise known as a project you are currently working on.
  3. Fingering: (There seems to be an underlying subtle hint of naughtiness in these words doesn’t there – right who invented the term fingering! I think we need to sit down have a word lol) This is a weight of yarn. Fingering weight yarn is termed for 4-ply (four ply and not foreplay mind!) yarn. (I feel like I’m digging myself into a hole here with this list! lol).
  4. Naughty Corner: (Oh dear god this is getting worse!) Okay this is NOT Mr Grey’s room of seduction – I promise! You will hear a knitter say this when they have had enough of a project, its gone belly up and they are having problems with it. So its being put in the ‘naughty corner’ for a while to allow the yarn to have a think about how its stressing its poor knitter out – like a knitting project time out.
  5. Flash the Stash: Show me your new yarn purchases.
  6. RAK: Pronounced RACK. This is an abbreviation for Random Act of Kindness. This is when a knitter gifts something randomly.
  7. Cake: This is what a wound skein of yarn is termed – because it looks like cake of yarn!
  8. UFO: Abbreviation for the term UnFinished Object. A knitting project that has been abandoned, so an neglected WIP. Some knitters even have UFO bins in their house!
  9. ISO: Abbreviation for In Search Of. When you hear a knitter say this please sit up and listen. They might be in panic mode ISO a yarn for a project. Non-knitters support your knitting friends and family! And if there are sounds of wailing it might be best to back away because they might just have discovered that sweater they’ve been working on for the last 6 months is knit in yarn that is discontinued (always check your yardage folks!!)
  10. Yarn Chicken: This is when you are coming to the end of project and slowly running out of yarn. So playing yarn chicken. Will the knitter win or with the yarn run out?

Knitters: Do you know of any other abbreviations or terms you use that are funny to non-knitters. Leave a comment! I’d love to hear them.

Non-Knitters: What did you make of those? I bet you were ROFL!!

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