GIFTS FOR KNITTERS | Do you have a knitter in your life? If you do then please do read on as I have complied a list of what I think are the top 6 gifts for knitters this Christmas 2017.


In no particular order…

Debbie Bliss Knit Design Cup I have one do you? They are selling out fast. Grab a cup for your knitting buddy this Christmas! The perfect present for that knitter who has it all… apart from a knotty cup of course!

Knitting Outside the Box Did you see that Bristol Ivy has a fabulous knitting book out and its all about my favourite project… shawls! This book has both patterns and inspiration to help you design your own shawls. I have my copy tucked under the Christmas tree – my annual knitting present to myself (because my family usually don’t buy me knitting related gifts).

Buttermere Shawl Kit Eden Cottage Yarns are a favourite of mine. This shawl kit would suit even a beginner knitter and you have a choice of 4 different yarn colour options. I am particularly drawn to Yarrow, but then I have just finished a new shawl design (coming soon!) with this very colour.

Shawl Pins Jul Designs makes some stunning shawl pins. I actually have one of her Twig Shawl Sticks and its a stunning feature piece to wear with your favourite handmade shawl.

Vicuna Presentation Box Seriously you have to see this yarn to believe it. Vicuna fibre comes from Peru is one of the finest in the world. I have seen this in person in This is Knit in Dublin and the yarn is stunning. The box contains two 25 grams skeins of Vicuna yarn, a lace shawl pattern and a set of 4.5mm circular needles. So you would be good to go with your project on Christmas morning. You also get a certificate to verify its authenticity. What is not to love about this as a gift.

Fairisle Bed Set Doesn’t every knitter knit, eat and sleep? So why not sleep on knitted bedding… well bedding with a knit print at least. I have personally touched this Fairisle bedding in my local M&S Store and It was really tempted to buy it. But the colours don’t go with my blue bedroom so I forced myself to leave the shop empty handed. But I reckon if you bought your knitting partner this bedding for Christmas he/she would love you for life!

You will have noticed that I didn’t include any yarn gift suggestions in this post. Well that’s because I have too many favourite dyers to allow only picking one. Another blog post is coming soon about yarn gift options this Christmas 2017.

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