DO YOU NEED SHAWL PINS THIS CHRISTMAS? | Practically everyone knits shawls these days right? You have used your nicest yarn, worked your butt of to managed that complicated lace stitch and the finished shawl is just to die for… but why stop there? Bling it up with a shawl pin!

Have you heard of Gardening Witch Designs? Jane is an amazing designer and creates the most beautiful shawl pins. She was kind enough to make me a bespoke heart pin that I just love.

Each shawl pin is handmade by Jane from copper-coloured aluminium wire, and is light-weight so it will not drag your shawl or scarf out of shape.

The shawl pins come in two parts – the decorative part and the pin which you thread through our scarf or shawl. The pin is blunt so it works extremely well with an open lace fabric.

As each piece is handmade every one is unique and come presented on hand-decorated card, enclosed in a cellophane bag. They totally make the perfect gift for friends or family this Christmas or perhaps a special treat for yourself.

So if you are looking for a shawl pin this Christmas please do go check out here etsy here

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