BLOGMAS | Do you need Shawl Pins?

DO YOU NEED SHAWL PINS THIS CHRISTMAS? | Practically everyone knits shawls these days right? You have used your nicest yarn, worked your butt of to managed that complicated lace stitch and the finished shawl is just to die for… but why stop there? Bling it up with a shawl pin! Have you heard of… Read More

BLOGMAS | Christmas Jumpers – Yay or Nay?

BLOGMAS CHRISTMAS JUMPERS | Do you like them or loath them? Whats the funnest one you have seen this Christmas? In the 80s the Christmas jumper was HUGE. In the 90s it kinda calmed down and got lost in among all the rave music and disco lights. But I think it was the Bridget Jones… Read More

BLOGMAS | Rios Rocks this Christmas…

UPDATE | You can get the RIOS ROCKS HAT COLLECTION for 25% off (no coupon code needed – discount will be automatic at checkout) through until midnight GMT on 31st December 2017. Click here RIOS ROCKS | Just to let you know that my Rios Rocks Hat Collection (e-book) is 25% off until midnight GMT… Read More

BLOGMAS | 6 Top Knitter Gifts this Christmas…

GIFTS FOR KNITTERS | Do you have a knitter in your life? If you do then please do read on as I have complied a list of what I think are the top 6 gifts for knitters this Christmas 2017. In no particular order… Debbie Bliss Knit Design Cup I have one do you? They are… Read More

INSTAGRAM CONTEST | Help me choose…

INSTAGRAM CONTEST | Are you on Instagram? Perhaps you follow me already and have seen this? But for those of you who haven’t I’m running a mini contest to win a copy of my next shawl design for FREE. I have several shawls that are as yet unpublished and I can’t decide which one should… Read More

KNITTING KIT | For beginners

BEGINNER KNITTING KIT | What would be the essential things you would recommend to a beginner knitter? Knitting has become hugely popular again and supplies for the craft have swamped in the market (which is amazing!). If you’re a beginner knitter getting the right ‘kit’ can be overwhelming. Choice can be a really good thing especially when… Read More