Did you know that knitting helps reduce your stress and anxiety levels, grow your self-esteem and improve your concentration & memory?

Hello there! My name is Gill (aka Mina) and I have a life-long passion for making, with particular emphasis on knitting. I live in Northern Ireland, where these days you’ll find me either at my desk writing or outdoors walking & taking photographs with my dogs not far behind me.

I love getting outdoors and I especially love trees! There is nothing more relaxing (apart from knitting) than walking in the forest. Just being around trees, listening to their sounds as they move and dance in the wind makes me happy.

When I’m sitting down that usually means I’m knitting. Most likely a swatch or a new design sample. I have been knitting since I was four years old and it has been become my daily obsession since 2008 when I started suffering from anxiety after a short illness. Since then knitting has become my daily therapy and I take it everywhere (and I mean everywhere!) I go in case I have time to grab a few more rows in between the madness of daily life.

So you’ll hear me talk a lot more about the health benefits of knitting going forward here on my blog and I will be sharing personal stories of my own experience in my weekly love letters.

W h y . M i n a . L o v e s ?

I often get asked where I came up with the name ‘Mina Loves’.

Well about three weeks before I was born my grandfather (William) passed away after along illness. I am the first granddaughter and he had always wanted a daughter. So at the time my granny suggested that I should be called after him – Whilomina – but it was not to be.

So I thought it would be a nice way to acknowledge the grandfather I never knew by using Mina – which I absolutely love and actually prefer it now to my own name!

As for the loves part, well it was to reflect all the things I love – making, nature, writing, photography, and of course my dogs!

K n i t t i n g . i s . m y . t h e r a p y .

My design ethos has always been about simple, stylish, stitches. I’ve always created things that not only I would want to wear but that are relaxing to make. Time is precious, so why would you want to make things overly complicated. Simplicity is the key!

My training as a reflexologist and reiki master allows me to see how knitting can be used as a therapy to help reduce anxiety & stress. Having experience both I can also share my personal experience.

I will be exploring this more going forward!

L e t ‘ s . c o n n e c t !

In real life you’ll see I’m much the introvert and I think this is all part my anxiety. But online I’m chatty and you will find me mostly on instagram or facebook but when I need distraction from the anxiety chatterbox then you’ll find me on Pinterest.

Every week I send out Love Notes to my email community, where I share my personal stories, behind the scenes sneaks peaks of new designs coming up and special announcements ahead of everyone else! If you would like to receive them straight to your inbox you can subscribe here

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