Based in Northern Ireland, Mina Loves Designs specialises in creating simple and stylish knitwear patterns for the modern maker.

A life-long passion for making, with particular emphasis on knitting (and more recently crochet) has inspired Mina to design her own patterns. Mina loves working with natural fibres sourced from Local Yarn Shops & Hand Dyers across the British Isles, in particular working with British & Irish fibres as much as possible. 

If you are new to knitting, an adventurous beginner keen to expand your skills further, or perhaps an experienced knitter looking for something unique, then you will find Mina’s design ethos of ‘simple, stylish, stitches‘ covers all bases. Mina’s patterns have clear written instructions alongside charts and step-by-step tutorials where appropriate. Mina is also a qualified reflexologist and reiki master with a keen interest in holistic practices. Knitting is her therapy and she will be exploring this aspect in her designs going forward. So watch this space!

Why Mina Loves?

Mina’s paternal grandfather passed away just before she was born. Her grandmother wanted her to be named after him as she was the first granddaughter (his only daughter died when she was about 5 years old) but it didn’t happen. Over the last few years there has been a gothic revival in the film and television world (such as shows like Penny Dreadful) and the name Mina (or Wilhelmina) has got popular again. So in honour of the grandfather William she never knew, Mina thought using the name would be a nice personal touch… and the loves part really reflects what Mina loves to make.

Who is Mina?

Mina is a knitting addict…

If Mina was able to knit day and night she would! And she really does mean that! Mina loves knitting…but it is way more than a hobby. It is a passion!

Mina has been knitting since she was 4 years old. Her mum showed her how to ‘knit’ a garter scarf and since then she has been addicted. But more so since she was ill back in 2008. Since then she has become obsessed with the craft and these days she takes her knitting everywhere she goes – and sometimes multiple projects too! Which has been said is the sign of a true knitting addict.

Mina has a passion for colour

Mina has always had a mini obsession with colour. Some people have said she has a talent for choosing the right colour combinations. She is often asked by her knitting friends for advice on selecting colours for project, what would work best and what don’t work. She also has a keen eye for detail and is known for her party trick of recognising yarns without ball bands!

Mina behind the camera lens…

Over the last 4-5 years Mina has been developing her photography skills. Portrait and product photography is her thing but she also loves getting out into the countryside to take pictures of the landscapes. Northern Ireland is an amazing place to live as there is so many wonderful sites to see, on top of the awesome green pastures. It is true what they say – there really is no place like home!

Mina creates awesome FOs…

..or so she has been told by her knitting friends.

Mina Loves to knit modern and contemporary patterns. She tends to choose projects that fit this style although sometimes it is fun for her to make something traditional and give it a modern twist using colour.

Mina started her design journey after a tendency to adapt patterns she was working with – whether it was changing the construction slightly, or even adding her signature picot edge, she always finds a way to make a project unique.

Mina’s Mission

…to get more people involved in crafting, any craft, but perhaps knitting the most! Let Mina Loves inspire you! Let the projects and topics you read about on the website tempt you to pick up your knitting needles, your scissors, your glue or whatever takes your fancy!

Mina’s journal will have regular posts such as Tutorial Tuesday, Friday FO or Stash Sunday, and many more as we go on this crafting journey together.

In between posts you can catch Mina on twitter, facebook, instagram, pinterest and of course ravelry.

On a Personal Note…

Mina just thought she would share something a little personal here too. She has suffered from panic attacks for many years now. Some people view this as a terrible weakness….but it never stops her from being fabulous! Though sometimes it just leaves her really tired, especially at times when she is feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

The panic attacks started back in 2008 after Mina was ill for a while. She caught a virus over the Christmas holidays that left her exhausted and she lost an awful lot of weight very quickly. This continued into part of 2009 and it took time for Mina to get her body back to good health. It was at this time Mina’s eyes were opened to the world of holistic therapies. She had weekly reflexology treatments which really helped her relax and let her body heal. It was through personally experiencing the benefits of these treatments that she decided to go on to train in reflexology. Mina got her diploma in 2010 and since then she has also trained in Reiki, Crystal Therapy and EFT.

Mina thinks the skills she has gained in holistic therapies sit very nicely with her passion for knitting. Knitting is fast becoming the new yoga. In light of this she has created a bespoke ‘Knitting as Therapy‘ workshop that she will be launching soon. Mina is excited about the opportunities this might lead to so watch this space!

In the meantime, Mina hopes you will enjoy following her crafting adventure through her journal and don’t forget to sign up to her weekly #MINASMAKERS newsletter here to be first to hear about new designs, behind the scenes sneak peaks and extra special discounts.

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