About Mina


Based in Northern Ireland, Mina is an Independent Freelance Knitwear Designer who specialises in creating modern contemporary designs for beginner and improver knitters.

Mina creates designs with interesting stitch patterns but simple construction so that beginner knitters can learning new skills and techniques while creating awesome garments & accessories they’ll be proud to wear.


Photography has become a passion of Mina’s over the last few years since she developed her skills. Going from a camera phone, to a bridge camera and then on to her current DLSR has allowed her to get the images in the format she wants.

Mina knows that good images make a difference in getting awareness of your products. If you are a brand or business that is seeking professional photography support you can now hire Mina to help build your portfolio and provide advice in developing your visual social media presence. You can find out more about services available here


Mina is a holistic practitioner who holds a Diploma in Reflexology and is a Reiki Master. She has also trained in other therapies including healing crystals and EFT, on top of  reading numerous books on many topics to build her wider knowledge including Jin Shin Jyutsu and Acupressure.

Knitting has been her therapy for many years now since she has been affected with anxiety following an illness. You can read more about that on her story page. Mina will be developing a bespoke training course ‘knitting as therapy’ in the coming months so that fellow knitters can learn her skills & techniques too.


Sakura – “What an absolute beauty this pattern is! I adore it. Well written, beautiful cables. Will knit again!”

Dálki – “Such a beautiful pattern!”

Sakura – “…I’d recommend this pattern any day to anyone!”

Azul – “Loved knitting this pattern – really well written and clear to follow.”

Preto – “Lovely and fun knit! A very good beginner hat!



Do you struggle with creating the right visual story for your business? Perhaps you are a fellow designer who wants some awesome garment/accessory images? Or perhaps you want some help with building your social media presence. Whether its product photography or guidance on how to develop your online story then Mina can help!


How happy are you with your graphics on your website, your social media pages or perhaps your branding? Effective design gets you noticed! More importantly it helps you build your business. Mina can help you from a simple logo to a bespoke business identity.


Are you a new designer who is struggling with the pattern layout stage? Or perhaps you are an established designer who wants to redesign their current layout. Mina has over 15 years experience in creating questionnaires, newsletters, posters and templates. Effective design gets you noticed and Mina will work with you to develop your contemporary pattern layouts, style sheets and beautiful templates.

Would you like to work with Mina? Find out more here


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