KNITTING KIT | For beginners

BEGINNER KNITTING KIT | What would be the essential things you would recommend to a beginner knitter? Knitting has become hugely popular again and supplies for the craft have swamped in the market (which is amazing!). If you’re a beginner knitter getting the right ‘kit’ can be overwhelming. Choice can be a really good thing especially when… Read More

What makes me buy yarn?

So for today’s blog post I thought I would touch on yarn – otherwise known as ‘stash’. We love our stash don’t we? In the timeline of stash development most knitters (but not all knitters!) start off with good old acrylic, in mostly pale solid colours. For perhaps baby gift knitting such as cardigans, blankets… Read More

Springtime Yarn

It’s sunny here today and even tho its still cold oputside that makes me think of springtime…and what yarns I have in my stash to knit with this Easter. So I thought I would flash some stash spring themed yarns today… So first up I have a local hand dyer – Dye Candy – Lindsay AKA Hutch… Read More


  BLOG POST UPDATE: There was over 8,500 downloads on ravelry for this hat pattern when I offered it as a free download when it was first released. It’s now a paid pattern again but lots of people have fed back to me that they LOVE it because it is such simple construction – so… Read More

Sunday Stash Flash #1

Today on my instagram feed I had a little stash flash.  Every knitter/crocheter loves their stash and its a great opportunity to examine what you have, so you can calm the urge to splurge on something new. I thought I would share some pictures here. Enjoy!

Stash Sunday

WARNING: This post may upset some readers.  It contains information about how you can count your stash yardage.  Although those of you who are completely clueless about this topic may be thinking what the hell is she talking about.  But be warned this information might make you obsessed with counting your yardage! So I have a friend… Read More